What to expect

We are building a church where you can come as you are and where no perfect people are allowed.  We’re doing our best to create a comfortable environment where you can enjoy a taste of the ‘better life’ that we believe is found in a personal relationship with Jesus. For that reason Clyde Valley Community Church is informal, relevant and inspiring.

We aim to provide a place where real life flourishes, where unconditional love is given, where faith in God brings results, and where we hope you’ll feel welcomed and accepted. So read on and discover what you can expect at Clyde Valley.

Warm and Friendly Greeting

From the moment you step in the door you will find friendly people who are genuinely happy to see you and will help you with anything you need.

Easy and Relaxed Atmosphere

We cherish our casual atmosphere. It is always our aim to make coming to church easier; as such there is no dress code… come as you are.

Free Refreshments

We serve coffee and tea before the service, from about 10.30am.

Lively Interactive Worship Music

We use a contemporary style of music to enhance our worship of God. You have the liberty to join in with the singing or just to watch what’s going on.

Relevant and Practical Bible-based Talks

Our messages come with notes, big screen images, and sometimes video clips, and all with one aim; to show how the Bible connects with real life today. We use the Bible and personal experience to provide you with talks that are relevant to you.

Children’s Church and Youth

Our children and young adults are very important to us. As such we run excellent children’s church and youth events every Sunday morning.  All of which allows parents to relax and enjoy the service.

  • Creche & 3-5s Children’s Church
  • Children’s Church for Children in Primary 1 to 7
  • Impact for S1 to S4