Statement of Faith

What about God?

You may have heard a lot of different views on who and what God is, but there is only one reliable source of information when it comes to understanding God and his name is Jesus— the written record of Jesus is contained in the Bible. It doesn’t really matter what or who we think He is, what matters, is what God says about Himself. The Bible teaches us that God is our creator and that everything we see and everything we don’t see was made by Him from nothing. It’s difficult to understand, but the Bible teaches us that God has no beginning and no ending and although he is one, He is also three distinct and equal persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

What about Jesus?

Jesus Christ is God’s Son and equal to Him. Like God, He has no beginning and no end. Yet, Jesus chose to live on earth as a man for 33 years. He was born without an earthly father (a virgin birth). He lived his life on earth one hundred percent human and one hundred percent God. After he had lived a perfectly sinless life, Jesus sacrificed His own life for the sake of everyone who has ever lived and ever will live. He was sentenced to die on a Roman cross and after three days in the grave, He was raised to life by God, defeating the power of sin and death. He went back into Heaven and will return one day as King, to judge and to rule the world.

What about the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is a very real person, equal with Father and Son in the Trinity that is God. He is at work in the world to help people understand their need for Jesus. The Holy Spirit lives inside of every follower of Jesus and those who follow Him can enjoy being filled with Him simply by asking. The Holy Spirit is our power source for life, spiritual growth, and serving. We are plugged into His power by continually surrendering to Him.

What about the Bible?

The Bible is a series of books whose authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write down what God wanted them to. The Bible is a guidebook for this life and points to the next; it contains what God wants to say to the human race He created. It has no mistakes, it is absolutely true, and is the final authority on every issue it talks about. The Bible is God’s Design for Life.

What about the Church?

Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and He is the architect and builder of it. The Bible tells us that the Church is one body made up of many members; members who are called believers. The Church is God’s “super-power” on the earth with five distinct purposes: worship (which is a way to focus on God), fellowship (which helps us face life’s problems), discipleship (which helps us fortify our faith), ministry (which helps us find our gifts), and evangelism (which helps us fulfill our mission).

What about People?

People are the cream of God’s creation. We are the only thing that God created in His own likeness. God has given every person the ability to choose right from wrong and to know the difference. Each of us, in spite of this moral ability, has inherited a disobedient heart from Adam, the first person. This is what the Bible calls sin and the Bible teaches us that sin has a price tag—eternal separation from God. An attitude of disobedience (or sin) keeps us from a personal relationship with God and the discovery of who we were created to be. Jesus paid the price on the tag and died for us so that we could enjoy forever with God.

What about Salvation

No matter how hard we try, we will never deserve a relationship with God; neither can we work for it. Our only hope is to trust in Jesus. He has the remedy for our disobedient nature which forever separates us from God. We must surrender the control of our lives over to Him. His gifts of freedom from sin and the promise of forever with God are free to those who believe on Him. Jesus has promised a rich and meaningful life for everyone who puts their trust in Him.

What about Prayer?

Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. As believers, we enjoy a unique and personal relationship with God that allows us to talk to Him about every issue of life, from the smallest to the biggest, and listen to His wisdom and guidance. Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us to relate to Him and it allows us to accomplish His purposes for our lives. Prayer can do anything that God can do.

What about Spiritual Growth?

Just like babies that grow to become adults, God wants us to grow to become more like His Son Jesus (Sanctification). Our faith in God, our obedience to His Word (the Bible), and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit changes our heart, our motives, our character, our words, and our actions. When we reach Heaven, He will complete the process by making every believer like Jesus.

What about Evil?

God will one day rid the world of evil forever. He presently allows it in the world to give mankind a choice. Satan is the father and source of all evil and will suffer separation from God forever in Hell because of His choices. Hell was originally designed as a prison for Satan and his demons. Evil exists in the world because of the choices Adam made in the Garden of Eden. God could eliminate evil right now, but He chooses to endure the sorrow of waiting in order to give more people to turn to Him.

What about Heaven and Hell?

We are made to last forever. The only question that remains is where we spend eternity. Since Heaven is perfect and we aren’t, we were all headed for an eternity separated from God (Hell). In a nutshell, that’s why God sent Jesus—to help us get to Heaven. His death and resurrection provided the way for everyone one of us to have a guaranteed future with God. What we decide about Jesus now, will determine where we spend eternity. Reject Jesus and spend forever in Hell, a place of separation; accept Jesus and spend forever in Heaven, a place of eternal joy in the presence of God. Our acceptance isn’t what makes it true. It was already true. But our faith lets us receive what is waiting for us.

What about the Second Coming of Jesus?

God, in His own time, and in His own way, will bring the world to its appropriate end. Just as He promised, Jesus will return personally and in glory for everyone to see. The dead will be raised and together with the living, all will be judged according to God’s righteousness. Jesus will rule and reign over all the earth as King.